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    Update to SVG Importer!

    Team Tinkercad
    Published on - March 23, 2022 by Team Tinkercad

    Tips & Tricks, Features


    At the end of last year, we had a major update to the SVG importer and we are excited to announce an even bigger update! 

    When you import an SVG, you will still have the new options (from our last update) to increase the Height and Steps (now called Quality), but there are now some new interesting additions to the Inspector Box. 

    Here’s some highlights:
    • Imported SVGs have 4 Fill Mode types: Default (SVG as imported), Outer Line, Inner Line, and Silhouette*.
    • Adjust the Fill Mode to one of the new types to transform your SVG into new shapes based on the original imported SVG.
    • The Outer Line and Inner Line options also allow you to adjust the Line Width.
    • New corners options for outer and inner line: Round, Flat, and Sharp. For Outer line, this will affect the outside points. For Inner line, this will affect the inner points. 

    Below is an example of an Outer Line with the corners being adjusted. 

    Round flat sharp

    Below you can see a great example of how you can take 1 SVG design, duplicate it, and alter it with these new features to make a cookie cutter!

    Final cookie cutter collage (1)-Mar-24-2022-08-56-55-71-PM

    *Don't see the Silhouette option? The site isn't detecting an internal path and is assuming it is already a silhouette.