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    Tinkerstar: Jennifer Leban

    Donald Bell
    Published on - November 3, 2019 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

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    What motivated you to learn Tinkercad?

    The Industrial Technology classes at my middle school teach computer-aided drafting in a traditional computer lab, but my tech classes are taught with 1:1 Chromebooks. I wanted a way to create 3D designs on our Chromebooks that could be exported and printed out on the 3D printers at our local library, and Tinkercad was it!

    What Tinkercad design of yours are you most proud of and why?

    I honestly don’t have any very impressive completed designs to share! I’m more of a play-around-and-have-several-half-baked-concepts sort of person...

     What advice do you have for Tinkercad beginners?

    I found these awesome Tinkercad cards with tips for beginners by John Umekubo on Twitter. These combined with the “clicking around to see what happens” method is my favorite way to learn Tinkercad! 😜

     What’s a trick or useful habit you have for creating your Tinkercad designs?

    Start small! It’s easy to get intimidated by all of the awesome designs out there. As Jake the Dog from Adventure Time says, “Sucking at something is the first step towards becoming kinda good at something.”

     Is there another designer that you recommend others check out for inspiration?

    I typically search by subject as opposed to designer when I’m looking for 3D designs online. I like to try to find accessories and parts that compliment our classroom toys, like Sphero or Dot and Dash Robots, that can be 3D printed.

     How do you motivate students to learn Tinkercad?

    We use Tinkercad to app smash! We design a 3D object in Tinkercad, export/import it as an element within an AR design in CoSpaces, and then view our creations using a MERGE cube! It’s fun to do silly things like write 3-dimensional words in Tinkercad and turn them into larger elements in a virtual space where tiny characters live!

     What do you do for fun when you’re not in teacher mode?

    I’m a mom, a wife, and an avid roller skater! I used to play roller derby, but I retired a couple of years ago. It was a blast!

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