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    Meet the New Tinkercad Shapes Panel

    Team Tinkercad
    Published on - September 15, 2021 by Team Tinkercad



    Tinkercad is getting an even better Shapes Panel! 

    With the latest update to our Shapes Panel in the 3D workspace, you’ll be able to continue using the premade shapes you know and love on an updated, sleeker interface and EVEN MORE SHAPES!  

    That’s right: for the first time in years, we’re building out our library of premade 3D shapes.  

    What’s more, we’re opening up the Shapes Panel to all interested contributors! (More on this below.) 

    *With an update this size it is going to take a while to be released for everyone. If you aren't seeing the new panel yet, don't worry! It could just take a couple days. 


    A Shape for Every Learner

    Over the years, we’ve found that learners who are new to 3D design or intimidated by a blank canvas often find their best start with a pre-existing shape. And that’s perfectly encouraged—because what matters is getting started, overcoming fears, and learning as we go along. 

    With our back-to-school update of the Shapes Panel, we aimed for a familiar look that all will be comfortable to continue using, while also allowing us to expand on our current library. 

    Upon opening the Shapes Panel, you will find several new categories beyond Basic Shapes. Clicking to reveal the new categories, you will find: Design Starters, Creatures & Characters, Vehicles & Machines, Structures & Scenery, Hardware, Electronics, Fun & Games, Everyday Objects, Featured Collections, and Shape Generators. 




    Within each of those categories, you will find channels that organize types of shapes even further. For example, choosing the Electronics category reveals several channels with theme-related shapes, such as: Motion, Lighting, Sensors, Power Source, Boards, Display, Sound Containers, Handheld, Robotics, and Actuators. 

    Take the new Shapes Panel for a spin to discover new shapes for your next 3D design. Who knows? You may find a new favorite premade shape for your next 3D project! 


    Calling All Tinkerers!

    Do you have the 3D modeling skills to contribute to the new Shapes Panel?

    We see many of you sharing your awesome designs with the community, and some even graduating to a Staff Favorite. Now is your chance to share your amazing tinkerskills with all in the Shapes Panel in the form of reusable shapes.  

    If you would like to become a Shapes Maker, and have your creations featured in the Shapes Panel for all Tinkercad users to discover and add to their designs, here is your opportunity to contribute: 

    Reach out to us at with the subject line: “I WANT TO BE A TINKERCAD SHAPES MAKER!” to find out how to get onboarded as an official Tinkercad Shapes Maker.  

    The call for contributions is open. 

    Will you answer the call? 

    We hope you love the updated Shapes Panel and that it takes you one step closer to your next 3D masterpiece!

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