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    Tinkercad Rocket Step-By-Step Video

    Donald Bell
    Published on - May 3, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    Designing a rocket in Tinkercad is a great place for beginners to start, and a fun exercise for more experienced users too.

    It's essentially a cylinder topped with a cone. Easy, right? But how do you align them? How do you get the cone to sit flush on top of the cylinder? How do you get the cone and the cylinder's diameter to match? Does this thing need stabilizing fins?

    Designing a Tinkercad rocket is a low-threshold, high ceiling activity -- anyone can start, and imaginative designers can take it as far as they want. In the Tinkercad gallery, you can find far-out spaceships, or intricate replicas of real rockets

    To help inspire you, our friend Eunny created this 4-minute video that goes through the process of building a basic rocket. One of the great features of Eunny's videos is that you can see the keyboard shortcuts she uses (duplicate, rotate, group) appear in the bottom left of the screen. This provides some insight into the otherwise invisible process of how skilled designers like Eunny can use keyboard commands to effortlessly realize their ideas.

    Keep an eye on the Tinkercad blog and our social media channels (TwitterFacebook) for more step-by-step guides, design challenges and other inspiration.

    If you're a teacher, don't miss our contest running on Instructables, where you can submit a Tinkercad lesson you use with your students for a chance to win one of ten $500 Amazon gift cards.

    In the meantime, please see our recent posts titled Hello Tinkercad Friends! Let’s #TinkerTogether and Parents Guide to Starting Kids in Tinkercad. They provide more information on some of Tinkercad’s useful features for parents, teachers, and students.