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    Tinkercad and Instructables Projects for National Robotics Week (April 3 – 11)

    Jennie Fennelle
    Published on - March 31, 2021 by Jennie Fennelle

    Teachers & Parents

    National Robotics Week is here! Whether you’re a STEM educator looking for class robotics projects or a student interested in exploring activities or careers related to robotics, we’ve got some fun Tinkercad and Instructables resources to share! 

    Invent a Device imageTinkercad Lesson Plan: Invent a Device That Moves Through a Pipe

    Created by the Spark!Lab Smithsonian, the new Invent a Device That Moves Through a Pipe Tinkercad lesson plan is designed for students in middle school through high school and aligns with ISTE and Common Core math standards (grades 5 – 6). Explore steps in the invention process (Think It, Explore It, Sketch It, Create It, Try It, Tweak It, and Share It), research common roles pipes play in everyday life and in the field of robotics, and then brainstorm and create your own invention using Tinkercad or art materials. Check out our Tinkercad Lesson Plan Gallery for other projects you can do in class or independently.

    Basketball MachineTinkercad Robotics Project: Basketball Machine

    The Tinkercad Robotics for School: Basketball Machine Instructables resource was created by STEAM educator Mario C. Langer, a Tinkercad enthusiast and former Autodesk Artist in Residence, as part of his “Tinkercad Robotics for School” series. This guides you through how to use Tinkercad to design and 3D print a simple machine—an electric catapult that shoots marbles in a mini-basketball game.

    As part of the same series, check out another one of Mario’s robotics projects, Create TWO Walkable Machines on Instructables. This activity guides you through creating a prototype and a basic mechanical walker with one crank using art materials, Tinkercad, and a 3D printer. It’s best for those with intermediate-level Tinkercad skills, like using Boolean operations, grouping, mirroring, and aligning. Explore Mario’s Instructables page for a wide variety of other robotics projects!

    Torus Drawing copyTinkercad Robotics Project: Torus Drawing Machine

    Created by Autodesk Community Manager Randy Sarafan, the Torus Drawing Machine Instructables resource requires a ruler, two modified servo motors, and some 3D-printed parts, with files available from Tinkercad. It was designed for middle school and can easily be adapted for other grade levels.

    Randy also created the 3D Printed Robot project on Instructables, which guides you through making a robot with two adjustable pencil legs that allow it to steer right and left. You’ll need a standard servos, Arduino micro, a 9V battery, and some other miscellaneous supplies, along with a 3D printer. Check out Randy’s Instructables page for a great collection of other robot-themed projects you can make!

    We hope you’ll join us in celebrating National Robotics Week and share the excitement of robotics across all ages.