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    The ABCs of Making: J is for Jewelry

    Jessy Ratfink
    Published on - July 16, 2020 by Jessy Ratfink

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    Making jewelry is something we all have a teeny bit of experience with! Whether it's rolled paper beads, friendship bracelets made from thread, colored pasta necklaces or dandelion crowns - chances are you've made one of them! In this post, I'll share some of my favorite jewelry projects on Instructables.

    Turn Sound Waves Into Jewelry


    Let Dot show you how to turn your voice into awesome 3D printed jewelry! Record yourself saying your favorite word, the name of a loved one, or maybe something silly and then edit and 3D print it using Fusion 360



    Make Jewelry Links from Wood


    How awesome is this wooden bracelet? We've seen lots of wooden rings and earrings over the years, but it's rare to see a larger piece of jewelry made from wood. This could even be modified into a gorgeous watch band with a little extra finagling!


    LED & Brass Jewelry


    I love these elegant but simple pendants! Made of brass and LEDs and designed to hold a coil cell battery, they're simple to make and great soldering practice!

    Check out the instructable for free patterns to build your own.


    3D Printed Living Hinge Earrings


    These earrings by Penolopy Bulnick are colorful, flexible, and fun to make! Living hinges are typically made by lasercutting wood, but 3D printing puts a new spin on an old technique. 

    Check out the instructable to see how she made these earrings using Tinkercad.


    Glow in the Dark Lasercut Bracelets 


    Designed in Fusion 360 and made from lasercut acrylic and epoxy, these bracelets are ultra modern AND they glow in the dark! Click through to the instructable to learn how to make your own. 

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