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    The ABCs of Making: I is for Instrument

    Jessy Ratfink
    Published on - July 2, 2020 by Jessy Ratfink

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    Are you feeling musical? I hope so! 

    Back in April, I put together a collection of instruments that could be made at home using common materials. Today we're going to head in the complete opposite direction and look at a few of the more complex instrument builds on Instructables!

    Build a Modern Barrel Piano 


    This Arduino-based, 3D printed barrel piano is so clever. I love the way they explain how to transform normal sheet music into music scrolls, and the documentation is top notch. Definitely check this project out to see how it was made!

    A DIY Glockenspiel

    How amazing is this autoglockenspiel? It's made entirely of wood and parts from a toy xylophone. It's fascinating seeing all the tiny pieces that needed to be made for this instrument to work. 

    Making a Robotic Drum Set

    Need a drummer? Build your own robotic drum set! This Arduino controlled drum set is a labor of love to build, but the results are worth it.

    Building the Synthfonio 

    I really love how creative this instrument is: it's a little like a guitar, a little like a keyboard, and offers completely customizable sounds thanks to its MIDI interface.

    Check out The Synthfonio on Instructables to learn how it was made!


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