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    The ABCs of Making: G is for Glue

    Jessy Ratfink
    Published on - June 11, 2020 by Jessy Ratfink

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    This week on the ABCs of Making we're covering glue! It's a staple in every craft room and workshop, but you may find cool new uses for it thanks to Instructables authors.

    Take the Instructables Glue Class


    Curious about adhesives but unsure where to start? Let audreyobscura teach you about the wonderful world of glues!

    The Glue Class is free and covers white glue, hot glue, spray adhesives, epoxies, fabric glue and more. Check it out today and learn which type of glue is perfect for your project!


    Use Hot Glue to Make Molds for Small Parts


    Here's a great use for hot glue you might not have considered! Check out the instructable for the secret to a perfect hot glue mold.

    This project was a winner in our Hot Glue Speed Challenge, which is another great place to check for interesting glue ibles.


    Find the Best Glue for PLA 3D Printed Parts


    As we all know, finding the best glue for a project can be tricky - especially when that project is made of plastic! Thankfully one of our authors did all the trial and error for us. Check out the "Testing the Best Glue for PLA 3D Printed Partsinstructable by AndrewW1977 to see how he tested the glues and what the results were!


    Make Your Own Glue


    Feel like going all-out with your DIY? Make your own glue with Instructables author belsey. The linked instructable features four glue recipes for you to make at home and some fun glue facts!


    Make Some Slime


    Of course, I can't talk about glue without mentioning homemade slime! Slime continues to be a big hit online and it's super easy to make at home. Most recipes require ingredients you'll already have on hand.

    Check out "12 Recipes for DIY Slime" to see some of the most popular slime recipes on Instructables!

    What are you making with glue? Take a photo and tag us @instructables on social media to share!

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    In the meantime, please see our recent posts titled Hello Tinkercad Friends! Let’s #TinkerTogether and Parents Guide to Starting Kids in Tinkercad. They provide more information on some of Tinkercad’s useful features for parents, teachers, and students.