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    The ABCs of Making: D is for Duct Tape

    Jessy Ratfink
    Published on - May 21, 2020 by Jessy Ratfink

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    Duct tape is one of the most beloved materials in the maker community. Once a plain grey tape relegated to repairs, it's now become a durable and colorful addition to many projects! Today we'll take a look at some unique duct tape projects from Instructables.

    The Duct Tape Duck


    Sometimes what you really need is a duck made of duct tape! This duck by seamster is one of the classic duct tape ibles on the site. It's hard to believe this tutorial is almost 10 years old! Click through to learn all about how it was built.


    Duct Tape Mannequins and Patterning


    This is truly one of the neatest uses for duct tape: creating custom mannequins and patterns for sewing! Duct tape is great for making replicas of yourself and for creating custom sewing patterns from 3D objects.

    Check out Duct Tape Mannequin and Cast or Pattern Anything with Duct Tape to learn more about the process!


    Duct Tape Kayak


    We've had quite a few aquatic vehicles made from duct tape posted on the site throughout the years! This PVC and Duct Tape Kayak uses ten rolls of heavy duty duct tape and PVC to create a water tight kayak. How cool is that?


    Repair Tiny Broken Wheels with Duct Tape


    Do you have a piece of luggage with a broken wheel? Try this genius duct tape wheel fix! One more reason to always have a roll of duct tape handy. 


    Duct Tape Wallets


    Last but not least: the classic duct tape project - a wallet! I can't even begin to imagine how many versions we have on Instructables. Want to try making your own duct tape wallet? Give the minimalist duct tape wallet above or search for duct tape wallets on the site.

    Are you making a duct tape project! Share it with us on - we'd love to see it. 

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