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    Teen Designs 3D Printed Mask Lanyard Using Tinkercad

    Donald Bell
    Published on - September 10, 2020 by Donald Bell


    No matter how steadfast you've become about wearing a protective mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can't avoid taking it off from time to time. A bite of lunch, a drink of water, a breath of fresh air -- inevitably the mask comes off. 

    But where do you put it? No one wants your nasty face-filter on their clean table. To solve this design problem, teen inventor Allie Weber created a clever 3D printed clip that allows you to create a paracord lanyard for your face mask. You can see how it works in her latest video.


    When Allie told us about her design we immediately knew it was worthy of including in our Connectors menu. Not only is it a valuable tool for keeping your mask on you at all times, but it's a useful method for clipping paracord to all sorts of items. 

    You can find the new paracord connector in Tinkercad's connectors menu or by copying and tinkering the design below. Remix and adapt it for your needs. Try your hand at creating your own tension adjustment ring for a better fit. Then, share your creation with Allie and us on Twitter.


    Tags: Inspiration