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    Teaching the Language of 3D Modeling and Design

    Donald Bell
    Published on - January 1, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents


    One of the most overlooked challenges in teaching 3D modeling is the terminology. For students, it can feel like they’re trying to learn a new language and a new tool at the same time.

    In this Instructable, the Tinkercad for Education team breaks down the language of 3D modeling and design, so that educators can better appreciate and convey the breadth of terminology that may be new for students.

    A few of these terms are unique to Tinkercad (Smart Duplicate, for example), but most are applicable to any program or design problem students may encounter.


    To keep from overwhelming newcomers, the list starts with basic terminology, then moves to intermediate terms, on through to advanced.

    If you find the guide useful, be sure to share it with other educators. We believe that all children can benefit from understanding the language that underpins the designed world they interact with every day.