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    Teach with Tinkercad Lesson Plans

    Jennie Fennelle
    Published on - September 21, 2021 by Jennie Fennelle

    Teachers & Parents, Level Up

    Teaching with Tinkercad is like taking a field trip without leaving the classroom. It’s fun, projects are interactive, and there’s something for every learner. In this blog post, we’ll walk through what they are, features made especially for teachers, and how to navigate the Lesson Plan interface.

    furniture design 2

    After exploring the basics of Tinkercad, your students are ready to jump into design. Start by browsing our free Tinkercad Lesson Plans, which were written in collaboration with educators to give K-12 teachers and students fun projects to build that align to academic standards like ISTE, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


    What are Tinkercad Lesson Plans?

    Tinkercad Lesson Plans cover 11 academic subjects, including science, technology, engineering, art, and math and incorporate a wide variety of resources and student instructions, like downloadable PDF versions of the lesson plan, video demos, fillable worksheets, slideshows, and rubrics. Many lesson plans also include Tinkercad “starter files” that students can adapt and customize for their own creative projects.

    We encourage teachers to adapt Tinkercad Lesson Plans to suit your specific needs. They’re modular in format so that you can focus on any area that relates best to your own curriculum.


    Features for Teachers

    To share a lesson plan with your students, select the Send to students button at the top of the page. This gives you the option of assigning it by either copying and pasting the link in an email or an online assignment page for students, or by sending it to Google Classroom and creating an assignment for your class.

    Send to Students

    To review the lesson plan in PDF format, click the Printable Lesson Plan button from the Lesson Plan Overview page. This opens the entire lesson plan in a document that you can download and print. The file includes links that will take you directly to any resources you need online, like video files, PDFs, or slideshows.

    Printable LP

    When logged in from your educator account, you’ll see tips and instructions in blue typeface that are not visible for logged-in students. (The same instructions are available in the PDF version of the lesson plan.) Every lesson plan also features a fillable rubric PDF that you can download and save, allowing you to keep track of student progress in alignment with the lesson plan’s learning objectives.


    Explore Tinkercad Lesson Plans

    You can explore the sections of the lesson plans entirely online using the buttons in the panel on the left side of a lesson plan page.

    Explore LPs

    The sections of each lesson plan are numbered in a suggested sequence, but you can navigate to any page you’d like in any order. The icons represent the type of activity you’ll experience—such as watching a video, reading, completing a worksheet, or designing in 3D. Each page of the lesson plan includes instructions for students and teachers (featured in blue text).

    We’d love to hear about your experiences using our lesson plans and see examples of your students’ projects on social media! Tag us at @tinkercad or use the hashtag #TinkercadLearning on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to share how you teach with Tinkercad.