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    Send and Receive Tinkercad Assignments With Google Classroom

    Team Tinkercad
    Published on - June 3, 2021 by Team Tinkercad

    Tips & Tricks, Teachers & Parents

    After listening to feedback from our educator community we’ve improved the way Tinkercad integrates with Google Classroom. Using the processes described below, it’s now possible for Google Classoom to act as a hub for assigning and receiving Tinkercad designs!

    1024x768 tiny Send Dialog Focus Google Share -focus

    To take full advantage of this new workflow, teachers must use a Tinkercad Classrooms account to manage their students within Tinkercad. If you’re unfamiliar with using Tinkercad Classrooms and its benefits for onboarding and managing students in Tinkercad, you can learn more in this blog post.


    For Teachers: Send Assignments to Students

    google-classroom Sending assignments in Tinkercad is easier than ever before.

    Sending a Tinkercad design to your students over Google Classroom has only one prerequisite -- you need to know how to make your design public so the student can access it. Here's how you can send designs in three easy steps, as animated below:

    STEP 1: Either from the dashboard view or directly within a design, simply change the privacy settings in the Properties (gear) menu from private (the default for any design) to public.

    STEP 2: Click on the Google Classroom icon.

    STEP 3: Choose what Google Class to create the assignment in and add any assignment details. (5)-1 How to send designs to students

    Even More Ways to Send Assignments in Tinkercad

    Alternatively, you can use the direct link listed below the image on the design detail page to share your design using any method you prefer (including other classroom management tools).

    The methods described above will work for sharing any type of Tinkercad design, whether it’s a 3D model, an electronics project made in our Circuits editor, or a design created with Codeblocks.

    We’ve also added a Google Classroom share button in the Send To menu of the 3D editor to help students easily turn their assignments in.

    1024x768 tiny Send Dialog Focus Google ShareEditor's Note: This "Send To" menu option currently only exists in the 3D editor, but we may bring it to our Circuits and Codeblocks editors as updates roll out.

    For Students: Turning in Designs

    If a student is enrolled in a Tinkercad Classrooms account that you manage, they can share their 3D design projects with you over Google Classroom. Here's how you can submit designs in three easy steps, as animated below:

    STEP 1: Click the Send To button found in the top right corner of the 3D design.

    STEP 2: Click the Share to Google Classroom button found in the Send To window.

    STEP 3: Students are handed off to their Google Classroom page to complete their submission.

    sendtosharegifHow to submit designs to teachers

    Easy Troubleshooting

    • My students get an error when opening my shared design! If students are having difficulty viewing the Tinkercad designs you send to them, the most likely cause is that your design isn’t public. Go through these steps and try again. Links to public designs are viewable by anyone, even people without Tinkercad accounts.

    • I can't make my designs public! If you don't see a "Public" option for your design, it's likely that you've accidentally joined your own class and are experiencing the limitations of the "safe mode" students are placed in by default when they join your Class. To fix this, check to see if you are listed in your own Classroom and toggle off the safe mode next to your name (see image below).

    1024x768 tiny Safe Mode Shield

    • I can't open the student’s turned in design with the link they turned in! If you’re unable to see the Tinkercad work students submit to you over Google Classroom, chances are that the student created the design with an account that’s not managed by you in your Classroom.

    As an alternative, you can browse through any of your students’ designs at any time using the Class Gallery feature of Tinkercad Classrooms.


    Bringing the Magic of Tinkercad to Your Classroom

    We’re committed to making Tinkercad an enriching and frustration-free experience for both students and teachers. By closing the loop on our compatibility with Google Classroom, we hope that assigning and receiving projects in Tinkercad can be as uncomplicated as clicking a button.

    And we’re just getting started. Our team is always looking for feedback on how we can improve the Tinkercad experience for teachers. We hope you’ll continue to provide us with your insights. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with your comments or suggestions.