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    Scroll Through Student Designs Using Class Gallery

    Donald Bell
    Published on - May 22, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents

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    Many of you have asked us for an easier way for educators to review student work in Tinkercad. Today, we’re excited to show you a new gallery view for Tinkercad Classrooms that allows you to quickly browse through your students' latest designs.

    Instead of jumping into each student’s dashboard individually to find their latest creation (which is still possible), the new gallery view within Tinkercad Classrooms allows you to browse through all of the designs from a classroom on a single page. 


    The gallery is sorted so that your classroom’s latest creations are at the top of the page. You can then filter the results by selecting a design type: Designs, Circuits, Codeblocks, and Lessons. This should help to centralize all of your students’ design work, and shorten the amount of time required to review it

    The Tinkercad team has prioritized this update because we understand how important it is right now for educators to have remote teaching tools that work well. It's our hope that in some small way this new gallery view provides a virtual sense of walking your classroom to get an overall feel for how students are progressing collectively. 

    If you’re new to using Tinkercad Classrooms and would like to learn more about how to get your students started with it, read our recent post on how to get students signed-in with Tinkercad.

    Though our Tinkercad Classrooms feature is still a relatively new option, it has already helped almost 2 million students to learn and design in Tinkercad. We thank you for your feedback and encourage you to keep sending it our way as we continue to build out Tinkercad Classrooms. You may send any feedback to