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    Rob's Tinkercad Classroom: Roundup of posts

    Rob Morrill
    Published on - August 12, 2021 by Rob Morrill


    Here are links to all of the posts I've created on ideas to help educators use various Tinkercad apps. This page will be updated as new project ideas are added to the blog.

    Introduction: Rob's Tinkercad Classroom


    Rob Morrill is a veteran Tinkercad educator whose used Tinkercad with first graders on up through high schoolers.

    The series of posts captured below, provide educators ideas they can use to help students explore concepts, expand skills, and communicate stories using Tinkercad.

    Project 01: Let's Be Transparent


    We usually think of 3D printing solid, opaque objects, but creating very thin prints can let students unlock some magic in their designs.

    Learn about the Tinkercad Scribble tool, and how Lithophanes connect to History, Art and more.

    Project 02: Buckle Up!


    Belt buckles: where coding meets couture, where function meets fashion!

    This lesson takes an in-depth look at the Codeblocks editor.

    Project 03: I was framed!


    This frame design project can head towards destinations that are very physical with 3D printing frames, or else very digital with Tinkercad iPad app's augmented reality (AR) viewer.

    Skirt the physical and virtual worlds as you investigate the symbolic potential and physical application of frames.

    Project 04: On your marks, get set...


    Bookmarks make for a fun and functional 3D print to design, and they lend themselves to collaborations with libraries or reading events.

    This project is a great way to learn and utilize core coding concepts. 

    Project 05: On the cutting edge


    We usually associate Tinkercad with 3D printing, but how about making T-shirts, stickers, cards, and more! Provide rich opportunities for design in projects that can be fabricated relatively quickly.

    Project 06: Classroom helpers

    PXL_20210609_185825061.MP IMG_20210810_095423 IMG_20190402_084049-1

    Campus spaces are filled with opportunities for functional 3D prints that students and teachers can create. Help students enhance school spaces with useful prints. 


    Project 07: Magnetic!

    Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 6.55.56 AM


    IMG_20210915_162546 (1)

    When students design around magnets, they create a fun and functional item engineered to integrate with another object. Many opportunities here for measuring, planning, and creativity!


    Project 08: Board Games for the win!

    IMG_20210919_151307_2 IMG_20210919_135532

    Planning, teamwork, curricular integrations, coding, 3D design, art--a board game project has something for everyone. This post gives a variety of resources and ideas. 


    Project 09: Designing Stands


    Books, picture frames, mirrors, and signage can all be displayed on stands that students design and fabricate. They might design for their own uses, but this project seems like a great one for on-campus needs investigation.


    Project 10: Lasers and 3D Printing Together


    Merging techniques and materials challenges students with opportunities to think and plan in sophisticated ways. Students have to anticipatemeasure, allow for tolerances, and think in terms of an integrated system rather than an isolated one. 


    Project 11: Automata (1)-3

    "Automata" often refers to cam or crank-driven mechanical projects. This one invites students to transform the spinning rotational motion of a micro servo motor to create spinning and/or an up and down motion in a different plane by using cam mechanisms.

    Project 12: Light it up! (10)

    This project idea explores Tinkercad's 2D output capability. When you export designs in SVG format, you can cut them from paper with a programmable plotting cutter or a laser cutter. Combine with inexpensive electric tea lights, and you have a fun project that can go home with students after just a couple of class periods.


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