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    Rob's Tinkercad Classroom: Designing Stands

    Rob Morrill
    Published on - October 7, 2021 by Rob Morrill


    Books, picture frames, mirrors, and signage can all be displayed on stands that students design and fabricate. They might design for their own uses, but this project seems like a great one for on-campus needs investigation. Would the front desk like a custom stand to display signage for visitors? Could the library use a stand to display recommended reads? Might a stand enliven a teacher’s desk or bookshelf? 



    The "Extrusion" tool in Shape Generators can let you add curvy cutouts in your stand's design. 

    IMG_20211004_153750_2Something like a "Featured Author" stand might be great for libraries or classrooms.

    Two Approaches

    Let’s look at two approaches for design. A slot-to-fit design can either be 3D printed or laser cut. The two arms will create a 90 degree angle, so the notches where the book or picture rests will need to be about 50% wider than the item. The upright 3D printed model can have notches that are just a bit wider than the widest item you expect to display.

    IMG_20211001_153206 IMG_20211001_153222

    Slot to fit stands can be 3D printed or laser cut while upright models are designed to print.


    The first six minutes of this video walks through making a slot-to-fit design, and the last half explores an upright printed design approach.


    IMG_20211001_153041_2Stands can showcase beautiful objects both large and small. 

    I hope you found some useful ideas here. Feel free to reach out on Twitter @morrill_rob to share. Here are my previous Rob's Tinkercad Classroom posts.


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