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    Teacher Tips: Quickly Accessing Student Projects

    Matthew Dalton
    Published on - October 21, 2020 by Matthew Dalton

    Teachers & Parents

    If you teach a class, you may have run into the problem of having to copy your students projects to your account every time you open one of their projects. This can make managing your own Tinkercad account difficult. Today I want to introduce you to a feature that may not be obvious at first glance.


    There are 3 places teachers can open a student’s design (pictured above).

    1. On the Student Page, after you click the project and bring up the modal window.

    2. On the Student Page, when you hover over the project

    3. On the Class Page, under the “Designs” tab.

    In the first example the open dialogue is Copy and Tinker. This will do exactly what may be expected: copy the design to your profile and enter the editor.

    In the next two examples, the hover text button only says Tinker this. This is a feature, and allows you to jump into a student’s project without copying it to your profile.

    So the next time you need to jump between students work, either to grade, or export for printing, try opening projects directly from class admin page, under the Designs tab.

    One other important note. Some plugins (like Pinterest) may interfere with visibility of the Tinker this button. An awesome teacher spotted this and sent the following screenshot.