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    OMSI & Tinkercad Encourage Community Through Design

    Donald Bell
    Published on - November 6, 2019 by Donald Bell


    After years in the making, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and Tinkercad have teamed up to create an exciting new interactive exhibit in the museum’s historic Turbine Hall. Using a series of six, custom-built Innovation Stations running Tinkercad software, OMSI guests are encouraged to imagine and design the ideal space for their friends gather.

    turbine hall
    Now in its 75th year of operation, the history of OMSI is a history of innovation. The museum’s mission is to inspire curiosity by creating engaging science learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds.

    The exhibits of Turbine Hall are meant to motivate visitors to find creative solutions to some of modern society’s biggest challenges through science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). The series of new hands-on experiences empower visitors to use design, make, and test sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

    Innovation Stations

    For our part, the Tinkercad team helped to develop six identical touch screen computer kiosks, referred to as Innovation Stations. Each of these stations was loaded with a custom configuration of Tinkercad allowing users to quickly and intuitively drag and drop premade 3D designs to the workplane.

    These stations challenge visitors to create their ideal hangout space using the selection of furniture designs included in the Tinkercad shapes menu. Not only is the task broadly appealing, but it addresses a real issue facing cities across the United States — how to design spaces where people can create stronger connections to their community.


    OMSI Hangout Space Collection

    Though we encourage you to check out the OMSI Turbine Hall in person, you don’t need to book a trip to Portland to tinker with the 3D furnishing designs used for the Innovation Station. Under the main shapes menu in Tinkercad you’ll now find a selection for OMSI Hangout Space. 

    menudemogifDesigned by Autodesk high school interns in Portland, the furniture in the new OMSI Hangout Space menu allows anyone to play with decorating their own virtual space. We think it’s a fun exercise for students to quickly grasp the fun and fundamentals of moving objects around the workplane and feeling personally invested in the outcome of their design. 

    These furnishings are locked to prevent scaling (sorry, no 500 ft. planters). To add your own customization, the color of the objects can be changed and other Tinkercad shapes and text can be combined and grouped into your design for a one-of-a-kind layout.

    We’re excited to see what you can do with the new OMSI Hangout Space collection. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and see your shared designs on Twitter or Facebook

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