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    New Shapes for Back To School

    Donald Bell
    Published on - September 16, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents, Features


    We've updated Tinkercad with some new shapes for students, as well as a few tweaks to shapes you're already familiar with. Here's a breakdown of what's new and improved.

    Updates to Making at Home

    We've had overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone after introducing the Making at Home collection this year. Everyone seems to agree that the collection provides a great resource for creating designs that use virtual versions of common objects you can find around the home.

    Building on this enthusiasm, we've added a handful of new objects to the collection, including: a foot-long square of cardboard, a Sharpie marker, cotton swab, crayon, thumb tack, aluminum ruler, plastic ruler, Instax wide photograph, toilet paper roll, cardboard windmill, and a wooden dowel (all show below). 

    mahonlyThe new crayon is a particularly fun new addition. Using the included drop-down menu you can change its color between eight different options, preserving the two-tone look of the paper wrap. 

    To help consolidate some of the existing parts that appeared multiple times (in slightly different variations), we've made pencils, tubes, and a chopsticks into single models with parameters you can adjust for different options. 

    For example, instead of having an unsharpened pencil, sharpened pencil, and short pencil as three distinct models, we now have a single pencil. When you drag this pencil on to the workplane you'll see an option for adjusting the pencil's appearance.

    pencil options

    Updates to Characters

    Our Characters menu has also been updated with some new shapes that make it easy for students to quickly create fun, unique characters. New shapes include cartoon eyes, a "Blanky" figurine, sneakers, and two pumpkins (regular or Jack-O'Lantern). 

    We've been pleasantly surprised to find that the Blanky figurine has quickly become one of the most popular shapes in Tinkercad. Students seem to really enjoy the challenge of creating chibi-style characters. Perhaps you can harness this interest and have students create their own cartoon avatars using the Blanky shape as the base and adding their own personal touches.


    Updates to Circuits Components

    The Components section of our Circuits menu is a great resource for creating virtual prototypes of electronic projects. In addition to tried and true components, such as LEDs and and breadboards, we've now added a PCB batter holder, 12v geared DC motor, reed alarm switch, and a standard-size servo.

    The standard servo comes in three options: plastic horn, metal horn, or no horn. Additionally, you can toggle the label on these servos as either standard or continuous. The battery holder also features an option that allows it to be shown with or without batteries installed. 


    Suggest Some Additions

    We're always looking for new ideas and designs to add to our collections. You can share your thoughts with us on Twitter. If there is something we can do to make using Tinkercad easier in your class room, don't hesitate to send us an email at