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    Call For Submissions: Join Us on Moon Camp 2022!

    Daria Zhao
    Published on - October 18, 2021 by Daria Zhao

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    Moon_Camp_headerThe Moon Camp Challenge from ESA and Airbus is counting on the next generation of designers and engineers.


    Calling all design, technology, and engineering students!

    The Moon Camp Challenge is back—with more ideas and inspiration than ever before.

    For K-12 educators who want to teach 3D digital literacy or introduce students to 3D modelling through project-based learning (PBL), this challenge is for you. Last year, winning student teams received the opportunity to engage with astronauts from the European Space Agency and rocket scientists from Airbus. Talk about real-world career connections!

    The challenge is divided into three separate categories with different age restrictions and levels of complexity: Moon Camp Discovery, Moon Camp Explorers and Moon Camp Pioneers.

    With an adult sponsor, student teams up to 19 years of age can choose from three categories:

    • Moon Camp Discovery, a non-competitive category for beginners (all youth)
    • Moon Camp Explorers, to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes for intermediate levels (up to 14 years old)
    • Moon Camp Pioneers, to win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes for advanced levels (15 to 19 years old)

    Student teams worldwide can submit their Moon Camp designs through April 21, 2022.


    The Challenge

    Imagine you are an astronaut, preparing to take off and conduct studies of outer space. How would you design a moon settlement so that you can live and thrive on the surface of the moon?

    Watch this video for the full scoop, from ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer:


    Or as the Airbus Foundation aptly put it:

    Before we head to Mars or another faraway planet, humans must first learn how to survive in space. There is radiation, extreme temperatures, no air to breathe and meteorites falling from the sky!

    How do we deal with that? The best way to find out is to set up a community on the moon to explore and learn. Help us take a giant leap for mankind by joining our challenge and submitting your designs!

    Run in collaboration between ESA and the Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk, the Moon Camp Challenge uses innovative learning technologies to inspire students to design their own Moon settlement using Tinkercad or Fusion 360.

    Last school year, the Challenge drew record participation from nearly 1,800 student teams and more than 4,000 young designers worldwide. The twelve winning teams represented the countries of Bolivia, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Romania, and the United States. 


    Get started with these resources

    Getting started in fun, easy, and requires no prior 3D design experience.

    If you or your students are completely new to 3D design, have no fear: that's why we're here! the Airbus Foundation put together a series of 18 self-paced Instructables with step-by-step tutorials.

    moon-camp-instructables Head over to Instructables to learn how to make these 3D designs in Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

    If you are a K-8 teacher of an ESA member state or partner countries Canada, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, or Malta, you can also apply for the free Tinkercad training sessions in January 2022. 

    If you are a 9-12 teacher of an ESA member state or partner countries Canada, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, or Malta, you can also apply for the free Fusion 360 training session in November 2021. 

    Training recordings will be posted for all to access in early 2022. All educators are also invited to join Team Tinkercad in our Teaching with Tinkercad webinar series


    Take the next step

    Norman Vincent Peale popularized the saying, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” Today, with excellent engineering education and powerful software tools to boot, our students don't even have to settle for the stars: they can design straight for the moon.

    So what are you waiting for? Take the next step and join us on Moon Camp 2022.

    But first? Your students will have to design it!


    Join us on Moon Camp 2022.