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    Make Your Own Tools Using Tinkercad

    Donald Bell
    Published on - November 20, 2019 by Donald Bell


    There are a lot of fun (sometimes silly) things you can design in Tinkercad and 3D print. Some users, though, really appreciate seeing how Tinkercad can be used to create practical designs that solve real challenges. In a recent guide by Mike Warren, you’ll learn how to harness Tinkercad as a tool for making tools.


    In Mike’s example, he walks through the process of designing a multi-purpose wrench that includes multiple sockets, a ruler, bottle opener, and a thickness gauge. However, the tool can be customized in Tinkercad for any purpose. 

    The real substance of this project is for students to learn how to use measurements and calipers to create designs that fit into the real world. Or, as Mike puts it, “The process of designing and making your own tools is the same as a lot of other problem solving: observe, measure, design, iterate.”

    Tags: Inspiration