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    Make an AR-Enhanced Digital Holiday Card

    Kellyanne Mahoney
    Published on - December 20, 2021 by Kellyanne Mahoney

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 2.38.24 PM

    Worried you’re not going to make it to the post office in time to send your holiday card? Don’t fret! You can make an eco-friendly digital greeting card just in time for the holidays with Tinkercad.

    And to make this time-honored tradition even more fun, you can mix reality with your imagination by following the steps outlined in the activity below (pdf can be found here.) It explains how to use the AR feature in the Tinkercad iPad app to snap a photo of you with your creation.


    (The photo could be printed too.)

    Added bonus: Encourage the young people in your life to see themselves in STEM this holiday season! Happy New Year!!!

    P.S. For a starter design and other tasty gingerbread inspiration, check out this blog post

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