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    Lesson Plan: Reimagine Classroom Furniture with Your Students

    Jennie Fennelle
    Published on - May 14, 2021 by Jennie Fennelle

    Teachers & Parents

    Instructional environments have become more inclusive, accessible, and diverse to accommodate a wide range of learning needs. In our newest lesson plan, Redesign Classroom Furniture, challenge your students to rethink the way furniture is designed to better suit modern learning. This lesson plan is an ideal end-of-year project for students using an engineering design process. It includes a link to a printable version of the lesson plan content in PDF format.

    Redesign Furniture ImageRedesigned Classroom Desks Example

    The lesson plan was written by educator Jason Erdreich of Madison Junior School in Madison, NJ, who teaches 2D and 3D design, manufacturing and prototyping, app/game coding, electronics, and robotics, among other subjects. The lesson plan aligns with ISTE and Common Core Math standards and is designed for students in grades 4 through 8 (US). It’s appropriate for in-person or remote learning and can easily be adapted for other grades and complexity levels.

    Typical Classroom Desk ExampleTypical Classroom Desk Example

    In this lesson, students follow steps in an engineering design process and investigate ways to improve common classroom furniture to better fit modern educational needs and spaces, whether at school or at home. Students can “copy and tinker” several provided designs, including desks, chairs, and cubbies, or they can create their own designs from scratch.

    First, students identify and define a problem related to existing furniture design. Then they brainstorm ways their design solution will improve upon existing designs. Next, students draw thumbnail sketches and then create 2D sketches and 3D models to further refine their designs. Challenge your students to present their work at the end and explain how their prototype design helps solve the problem they identified.

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