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    Jorvon Moss - Making Friends

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 21, 2021 by Donald Bell

    Inspiration, Tinkerstars


    Jorvon Moss is a self-taught maker who creates robots and gadgets. In recognition of Tinkercad's 10 year anniversary, we asked him to share one of their earliest 3D designs and catch us up on what he's up to today.

    How It Started

    152391203_1046467059204192_143279895352212750_n (1) copy

    This was my first robot, designed in days of 123D. I called this robot Tuesday. It was my favorite day of the week since it was when the makers all met up. I created it using simple shapes and 3D printed it. All it could do was light up and the key and ears would turn. I am still very proud of it.

    How it’s going.

    152933272_175698927444395_5857075972830884451_n copy

    This is Poindexter. I designed him in Fusion 360 to help me with my YouTube videos. It has RGB eyes that change color, a head that moves 180 degrees and helping hands as hands so they can hold stuff while I work.

    Why do you think Tinkercad is still going strong after 10 years?

    Its ease use and friendly environment makes getting into CAD less intimidating, which is good for people who just want to start.

    M76_Cover_hiRez-scaled copy

    Stay Inspired

    You can keep up with Jorvon's projects by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

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