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    Joel Telling - Printing With Purpose

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 21, 2021 by Donald Bell

    Inspiration, Tinkerstars

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    Joel Telling (aka The 3D Printing Nerd) is a YouTuber who's built a following for his entertaining and informative 3D printing related videos. We asked him to share one of his earliest designs and catch us up on what he's up to now.

    How It Started

    This is a Darth Vader Red Bull koozie. As the story goes, early on I was fueled by Red Bull because YouTube was done during the evening after work. I wanted something cool to keep my Red Bull in, so using Tinkercad I modified an existing model and created a Koozie for the Red Bull can!

    How It's Going

    Let's see, the thing I'm probably most proud of would be the Manta Ray face shield.  This design was in response to the covid pandemic, and the need for more PPE. There was a shortage, and makers everywhere tried to created the next best face shield to try and help.

    I noticed the band style from 3DVerkstan held onto the head easily and didn't require much filament, but, the front didn't easily hold the transparent overhead sheets to let people see. The Prusa style face shield did that, but utilized an elastic band to hold it to the head. I took both designs into Fusion 360 and created the Manta Ray, then used my YouTube channel to tell people about it and show them where to download it for free.

    I ended up printing A LOT of these in my garage at home and sending them out to dentists across the country.

    Why do you think Tinkercad is still going strong after 10 years?

    Tinkercad survives AND thrives because it's able to take complex CAD functionality and present it in an easy to digest and simple to use web UI. Many don't realize just how powerful Tinkercad is. It's simple to use but incredibly powerful.

    Stay Inspired

    To learn more about Joel's 3D printing projects and 3D printer reviews, you can follow him on his YouTube channel, Twitter, or Facebook.

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