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    Use the Spark!Lab Smithsonian Invention Process to Build Tinkercad Projects

    Jennie Fennelle
    Published on - September 1, 2021 by Jennie Fennelle

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    Tinkercad is excited to introduce a host of Tinkercad lesson plans designed by our friends at Spark!Lab, part of The Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

    Each section of the lesson plans written by the Spark!Lab education team can be completed within a daily classroom block. The projects emphasize that everyone has the ability to invent solutions to everyday problems through research and practice, and that the invention process isn’t always linear.

    Each lesson plan embodies the steps of the invention process:

    1. Think it: Get a great idea for an invention.
    2. Explore it: Investigate inventions and ideas of the past.
    3. Sketch it: Draw pictures and diagrams to figure out how an invention might work.
    4. Create it: Build a prototype or 3D model of an invention idea.
    5. Try it: Test the invention idea.
    6. Tweak it: Keep improving the invention idea.
    7. Share it: Market the invention to people who might buy it or benefit from it. 

    Check out more Spark!Lab Smithsonian hands-on activities over on Instructables!


    About Tinkercad Lesson Plans

    Tinkercad Lesson Plans are inspired by project-based learning and are written in collaboration with educators to give teachers and students fun projects to build that align with academic standards and student interests.

    Lesson Plan Brief Video-1

    Lesson plans are designed for students in elementary through high school and involve a wide range of subjects, including science, technology, engineering, art, and math and incorporate academic standards such as ISTE and Common Core. They include helpful teacher and student instructions and resourceslike downloadable PDF versions of the lesson plan, video demos, fillable worksheets, slideshows, rubrics, and Tinkercad starter files that students can modify and make all their own.

    How do you teach with Tinkercad? Which subjects would you like to see more coverage for? We’d love to hear about your experiences using our lesson plans and see examples of your students’ projects on social media! Use the hashtags #TinkercadLearning and #sparklab on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to share how you teach with Tinkercad.