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    Introducing Tinkercad Lesson Plans

    Donald Bell
    Published on - August 12, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents, Features


    Today, we’re excited to announce a new section of the Tinkercad website dedicated to providing free, standards-aligned lesson plans that have been shaped and vetted by educators just like you.

    Instruction has always been a cornerstone of Tinkercad. From the moment a student signs on, our self-paced, interactive guides make it easy for them to get started in 3D design. But after a student learns the basics, what comes next?

    Teachers tell us that they often struggle with how to leverage their students’ newfound Tinkercad skills into larger lessons that meet academic standards. By adding a curated selection of free lesson plans to our growing collection of learning tools, we hope our community of educators will feel more supported and empowered, especially with today's challenges of distance education.

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    Thanks to the inspired community of educators using Tinkercad in their classroom, there’s been no shortage of teacher-made lessons and project ideas for Tinkercad. For years now, we’ve celebrated and linked to some of our favorite classroom resources on sites like Instructables.

    After reaching out to many of you for feedback, we have a better understanding of the value of instructional materials supported by academic standards​. Your schools and districts are asking you to teach specific concepts and skills, and you need lesson plans that align to those goals.

    Teachers experienced with Tinkercad in middle school instruction have been consulted for each of our lesson plans. In many cases, they've submitted the original instruction and worked with our education editorial team to refine them for our online format. 

    These initial lesson plans are designed to align to ISTE, Common Core, and NGSS standards. On the overview for each lesson plan you will find a drop-down menu listing the academic standards built into each lesson.

    Annotations and Assets for Teacher-guided or Remote Learning

    Each lesson plan includes teacher tips (in blue text) and evaluation rubrics, as well as supporting resources like slideshow files, PDF worksheets, videos, and Tinkercad starter files. 

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    Lesson View

    We encourage you to put your own spin on these lesson plans and use them however you feel most comfortable. That said, the easiest way to assign Tinkercad lesson plan content to your students is to share it using the Send to Students button located in the description at the top of each page. 

    This button allows you to send out lesson links to students using Google Classroom or copy a link to email or paste into any preferred classroom management software. Either way, your students will be able to view and participate in these lessons regardless of what method they use to sign in to Tinkercad. 

    Note that when a student uses this link (directly or through Google Classroom), it will take them to a version of the lesson plan page that omits the additional teacher instructions. 


    Ready for Remote Learning

    It's no secret that we’re enthusiastic fans of fabricating and prototyping student designs using classroom tools and materials. Unfortunately, the hands-on magic of making in the classroom is simply not available for many schools currently, and teachers are looking for lessons that can be adapted for remote learning. 

    The lesson plans we’ve launched with are all suitable for remote learning. In most cases, all a student needs is an ability to log in to Tinkercad from a web browser. There’s no 3D printing required or expected, although some lesson plans include an option for printing if a 3D printer is accessible. We only ask them to bring a paper and pencil, a few household art supplies, and their curiosity. 

    As an example, the following video clip is taken from our lesson plan Design Your Dream Room by Steven Jones. It provides a quick summary of the range of activities students will perform to complete this particular lesson.

    The Curriculum

    On our new Lesson Plans page you'll find lesson plans that are sortable by subject so you can find one that’s right for you. We chose these plans to cover a relatively broad range of subjects and standards.  

    Though these initial lesson plans are mostly appropriate for middle school-aged students, we plan to grow the collection into a resource that educators of all subjects and grade levels will find valuable. 

    These are the lesson plans available at launch:


    Room to Grow

    These first nine lesson plans are just the start. In time, we hope to grow the collection to cover more subjects, more grade levels, and include more standards. 

    If you have an idea for a great lesson plan, we’d love to hear it. We’re also looking for constructive feedback on how we could improve the presentation and content of our existing lesson plans. Please reach out to with ideas. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.