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    Instructables Creates Tinkercad Content Hub

    Donald Bell
    Published on - January 17, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents

    We're thrilled to announce that Tinkercad now has it's own project hub on Instructables (, enabling teachers to more easily find and sort through the site's best Tinkercad projects.


    The DIY project content on Instructables has always been a tremendous resource for makers, hobbyists, and teachers, and an easy way to find guides and inspiration for Tinkercad. Simply searching for Tinkercad on their site yields hundreds of results. The challenge (especially for teachers) has been sorting through the abundance of content in an effort to find the project ideas that best fit your needs.

    This new page was created with teachers in mind. In fact, it lives with the Instructables Teachers section of the site (which is a fantastic resource in itself). 

    The first row of projects you see on the page is a curated list of featured projects. These include many of our own Instructables projects, including our Hour of Code content using Tinkercad CodeBlocks, as well as stellar content from other Instructables users. 

    For one of our favorite features, you'll need to scroll just a little further down. Here in the "All Projects" listing you have access to an infinitely scrolling page of Tinkercad-related content. It's quite a rabbit hole of inspiration, but it can get overwhelming. Fortunately, the Instructables team included a number of useful filters to help you find a project that's perfect for you.


    By using the drop-down menus for Grade and Subject you can select one or multiple ages and subject areas that are relevant to you. 

    Take things a step further and use the sort links on the right to list results by most recent, featured projects, popularity, or number of views. 


    Useful, right? We hope you get a lot of mileage from it. If you haven't already, we encourage you to create your own Instructables account, which will allow you to mark your favorite projects, add comments and feedback for others, or contribute a project of your own. By identifying as a teacher in this signup process, Instructables automatically provides you with an upgraded, ad-free experience.

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