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    How to Get Students Signed In With Tinkercad

    Donald Bell
    Published on - April 22, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents

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    If you're an educator who's eager to get your students up and running with Tinkercad, we offer two paths tailored just for you. Our newer Tinkercad Classrooms feature offers fast and easy setup and does not require students to have a Tinkercad account or email. Alternately, we also still offer Moderated Accounts, which may be better suited for students who already have their own Tinkercad accounts using email or Google Classrooms to sign in.

    Below we will detail each of these two paths to help you select the one that will work best for your needs.

    Tinkercad Classrooms

    This is the speediest option available for painlessly getting your students logged-in to Tinkercad. It is the default option presented to teachers and students when you arrive at Tinkercad.

    With Tinkercad Classrooms, teachers create a class link (or code) that they email out to students, along with the student’s unique nickname. A student will open the link (or enter their class code manually after clicking the “Students, join your class” option), type their nickname, and be able to immediately begin work. We recommend having the student bookmark the Class link, so all they have to do is remember is their nickname.

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    The advantage of this system is teachers can build their classroom lists ahead of time by bulk adding students in their dashboard or adding them one at a time. If a student loses the classroom link or forgets their nickname, there’s no need for account recovery, all of the information is available in the teacher dashboard.


    Because all of the classroom work lives under the teacher’s account, we never see a student’s email address. Not only does this method further safeguard student privacy, but it often removes many of the logistical hurdles of using our software in the classroom.

    You can learn more about the benefits of using Tinkercad Classrooms in our introductory blog post. For questions about using Tinkercad Classrooms, we have a Knowledgebase support page full of detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

    Moderated Accounts

    If you are teacher using Google Classroom or Google sign on, Tinkercad Classrooms may not be for you, since accounts cannot join a Tinkercad Class as a student (yet). Your students will need to log-in to Tinkercad with their Google sign on, rather than a Tinkercad Classrooms nickname. From the Tinkercad sign-in page, they will select the “Sign in with Google” option, not the “Students, join your class” option.

    Each student in this scenario will be using their own distinct Tinkercad account, however, teachers can provide them with a code that allows them to be moderated under a teacher’s account. 


    To create a moderation code for a student, sign-in to your account and visit Then, click "Generate Approval Code" and provide this code to your student.


    To enter the code, students must log into their accounts via Google sign on and enter the code in their account settings from their profile page.


    Once the code is entered, teachers will be able to moderate the student’s account at

    This process is also outlined in the following Knowledgebase article.

    Additional help

    Your successful experience with Tinkercad in your classroom is a primary focus for us. If anything’s not working as it should, you can submit the problem though our Help Center. If there’s a new feature that you’re particularly happy to see, we’d love for you to let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for using Tinkercad!