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    How to Copy Lesson Links for Students

    Donald Bell
    Published on - September 30, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Tips & Tricks, Teachers & Parents

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    On the Learn section of Tinkercad you’ll find dozens of self-guided interactive Lessons that are perfect for students or anyone interested in learning to use our 3D editor. 

    As a teacher you may be interested in sending your students directly to these individual Lessons, Starters, or Projects to your students. To accomplish this, we recommend using a right-click with your mouse or trackpad (or ctrl+click) on the lesson you’re interested in. Your web browser should provide you with a menu option (shown below) to “Copy Link Address”.


    Students who are signed in to Tinkercad will be taken directly to the lesson. If a student is not signed in to Tinkercad they will be asked to sign in and then dropped directly into the lesson.

    For more advice on using Tinkercad -- in or outside of the classroom -- check out our growing list of tips and tricks on the Tinkercad blog.