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    Graduating Students From Classrooms

    Donald Bell
    Published on - December 18, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents


    One of the major advantages of creating class seats for your students within Tinkercad Classrooms is that it allows them to quickly sign-in without the hassle of creating and managing their own account. But when the school year is over and students move on, how do they take their designs with them?

    To address this, we've created a simple process that allows students to claim the work they create in a class seat and migrate their designs to a conventional account. Here are the steps a student should take:

    1. Log into an account with your email/username/social sign on.

    2. Click “Your Classes”.


    3. Click “Claim your designs from another account or class”.


    4. Enter the Class code you previously joined as a Class Seat, then click “Find my class”.


    5. Enter the Class Nickname you previously used to join that Class, then click “That’s me!”


    6. Finally, click “Claim my designs”.


    Unaffected Students

    Because there are many ways for students to join a class that a teacher creates in Tinkercad Classrooms, not all of them will need to take action to claim their designs. For example, if a student is signing in to Tinkercad using a Google account, personal username, email, or another social sign-on method (Microsoft, Apple), then the designs they create while in a Class are automatically associated to their account and will persist even if the Class is retired.

    The option to claim class designs is only for students who sign-in with a nickname (a class seat a teacher would have setup in advance). Teachers may want to inform their students of this option before deleting a Class from a Tinkercad Classrooms dashboard.

    Still Having Trouble?

    You can find the answers for many of your questions by browsing through Tinkercad's support pages and FAQs. But if you have a situation that needs special attention, Tinkercad's support team is ready to help. You can reach us by email