1. where is the help and troubleshooting forum to tinker cad because for me it is not rendering the work space or any of the objects.

      • Hi Andrew.

        You should make this fact known somewhere on the Tinkercad website. It’s not in the About, nor under Help & Info in the footer.

        I managed to find the forum on my own, but it certainly appears that few Tinkercad users have.

    • Hi all – luckly there are people like the guys from 3D Vinci who write tutorials like these. I love their guide is structured and written. It’s entertaining and educational at the same time.

      I felt inspired by this and decided to give it a try as well. So if you’re searching for a short guide that teaches you the basics, feel free to hop to https://blog.tinkercad.com/getting-started-in-tinkercad/ and learn to get started with this great 3D modeling app!

  2. What the heck did you guys do to the scan feature on the mouse. I click it and hold and instead of scanning horizontally it zooms out

    • So it’s not just me. I assumed my mouse was acting up. Even odder for me, in Chrome it zooms out but in Firefox it zooms in.

  3. I think that it is a very bad decision and should be put back to the way it was.
    This is not beneficial at all to people that want a quick print and not a long pointless login system that dosnt let me in!

  4. How and where can I continue using Tinkercad?

    I have created an Autodesk123 account and successfully migrated my Tinkercad to this account, according to the results message I got at completion of migration action. BUT, cannot find tinkercad nor any of my tinkercad projects.

    Please assist me.

  5. Ανοίγω το νέο σχέδιο στο crom και κολλάει.
    Επίσης στο mozilla κλείνει και παραπέμπει στοWEBG.
    Παρακαλώ βοηθήστε με.

  6. Ho provato a registrarmi in centomila modi ma non ci sono riuscito. Ho richiesto più volte la password e mi da sempre un errore. Posso ripetere la procedura partendo da zero?

  7. Looking to implement this at a K-12 school district for an Intermediate School – grades 4-5. Is there a cost associated with a whole school using it?

  8. Looking for that forum link. Just starting and my question is basic. Myworkspace suddenly shrank and I don’t know how to return it to normal size. Can you help me, please?

  9. Is there a way to rotate using another objects anchor/center point and not just it’s own middle/center point? (like the align tool in your video). or even some other given anchor point on the object being rotated (like an edge). forex, rotate a box around a cylinder/axle (like copying vanes on a water wheel).

  10. Tinkercad seems to be having difficulty saving projects when multiple users are creating under our account. It seems there is a lag when saving the initial design, causing incomplete design elements to be saved in the project. This is causing our youth to recreate the design more than one time due to issues when saving the first initial design

  11. My students have been using project ignite for 3D printing. I really like that I can create a class and assign lessons. I’ve been looking through tinkercad and can’t see where I can manage and assignmleeson to my students. Will the format be the same or I’m I not allowed anymore to manage my class and assign projects?

  12. I am sure I will have questions but right now, first time user, “This is very good”. Learning takes some time and the “Want it now” urge makes it a little frustrating but that’s learning.
    Already printed out, redesigned as I got some wrong, my fault, and now making the next few prints.
    Thank you, love it.

  13. I have four monitors on this system, but no matter what I do, my selection for snap grid sizes goes upward into an unreadably (and unclickable on) skinny tall little shaded area – can’t get through exercise 2!

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