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    Hello Tinkercad Friends! Let’s #TinkerTogether

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 19, 2020 by Donald Bell

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    Parents, students, educators and our Tinkercad community are quickly adjusting to these changing times. Computers and online resources are becoming an even more essential way for people to play, learn, and explore.

    Our parent company, Autodesk, is committed to students, educators, and lifelong learners. They recently published a blog post that links out to all the various Autodesk software and resources that students and teachers can use at no charge.

    It should come as no surprise that Tinkercad is featured prominently on that list. We created Tinkercad with the belief that learning is possible anywhere, for anyone, at any age. Our free, web-based software is designed explicitly to serve the needs of self-directed beginners. 


    Like all of you, we're adapting day-by-day. Our hope is that Tinkercad can provide a creative, enriching and fun experience for everyone over the next few weeks or months.

    To help, we pulled together an overview of the many ways that people can engage with Tinkercad, as well as the tools within Tinkercad that educators can put to use.

    We are here for you so let’s #TinkerTogether! Check back in with us on the blog or via social and share what you are designing.

    -The Tinkercad Team

    Free, easy, and everywhere

    Whether you have a Mac or a PC, a Chromebook or a tablet, or even a dusty old hand-me-down laptop -- running Tinkercad should be as easy as pointing your web browser to 

    That said, one of our most recent and exciting announcements is the availability of Tinkercad as a free app for the Apple iPad tablet (available on the App store). We've also improved the Tinkercad website's compatibility with other touchscreen devices, including Android tablets and touchscreen PCs. We want everyone to be able to experience Tinkercad regardless of what devices they have available to them.

    No experience preferred


    Tinkercad is made with beginners in mind. Many of you worked your way through our “Starters” when you first created your account, but did you also know that our Learn Tinkercad page includes more interactive skill builders and projects that you can follow step-by-step from within your browser?

    Interested in learning and simulating electronics? Try our list of Starter projects for Tinkercad Circuits. Curious coders should check out our Codeblocks editor, where they can find several interactive learning activities in the launcher window.

    Teaching with Tinkercad


    Once signed-in to your account, provides some of our most frequently requested educator resources. You can learn how to quickly add a list of students through Tinkercad Classrooms and manage their accounts through a central dashboard. Lesson plans and professional development resources live here, along with FAQs, and the Tinkercad Keyboard Shortcuts reference sheet, which can be downloaded and printed out or sent out to students as a PDF.

    If you're wondering how to send out Tinkercad designs for students to copy, reference, or reimagine, we've made it so that the URL for any public Tinkercad design (your own or from our Gallery) can be shared over email or with your preferred online classroom communication platform (including Google Classroom). For teachers using Apple's Classroom app to coordinate and manage student work, the Tinkercad iPad app offers a compatible and seamless solution.

    We also suggest that teachers get familiar with the Tinkercad blog (yes, the one you're on right now). The blog has a special section just for teacher-related content. Our tips and tricks section is a secret weapon for anyone trying to sharpen their Tinkercad skills. 

    More projects? No problem.


    Not only is Instructables part of our Autodesk family, it’s also an outstanding free resource for DIY projects created by the Tinkercad community. This Tinkercad Content Hub page collects some of our favorite featured projects, along with all the latest projects created by our users.

    Instructables is also the home of over a dozen Tinkercad-related lesson plans developed by The Edgerton Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

    For a broader look at educational projects beyond Tinkercad, check out the Instructables for Teachers content hub.

    Share what works

    Finally, we have to mention and give a huge thanks to the creative and supportive community of users who share their ideas, tips, and passion for Tinkercad on the social channels we contribute to, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

    Please tag us or use #TinkerTogether on social. We would love to see what you are doing!