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    Designing a Custom Stand For Painting

    Donald Bell
    Published on - September 5, 2019 by Donald Bell

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    Fluid painting is a technique where you pour a swirled mixture of paint over your entire canvas. Drips ooze in every direction, running off the edges. The outcome is a beautifully abstract work of art, and a complete mess for your table or floor.

    Fluid painting image by Sarah Collins.Photos by Sarah Collins.

    To keep things tidy, Sarah Collins used Tinkercad to design a two-part stand for her small, square canvases. The top half props the canvas up above her table, allowing the paint to run off the edges instead of pooling up and creating an uneven edge. The bottom half acts as a drip tray, or catch basin, allowing her to collect and reuse the paint that flows off the canvas.


    We just love seeing people use Tinkercad to design solutions for unique problems like this. 3D design can be used for many things, but there’s something particularly gratifying when you see a tool like Tinkercad used for creating another tool.

    Great work, Sarah! You can find more of Sarah’s projects on her blog.

    If you’ve got a unique tool that you’ve made with Tinkercad, take a picture of it and Tweet it over to us.