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    Design Challenge #6: Making at Home Parts


    Welcome to our sixth weekly Design Challenge in the Tinkercad Gallery.

    This week we want to see original making from home parts made using Tinkercad. The goal of this challenge is to recreate real life items you can find around the home so we can expand on our household objects collection. Share your creations for a chance to have your designs added to the collection.

    Want to participate?

    1. Create a new design of a household item in Tinkercad. Let your imagination run wild!
    2. Share your public design in the Tinkercad Gallery with the tag #TinkerTogether
    3. Have Instagram or Twitter? Share your designs there with #TinkerTogether
    4. Check back next Tuesday for a roundup of our favorites!

    Need a little inspiration? Check out a few of our favorite household objects designs from the gallery!



    The items we already have in the collection can be found here:

    Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.41.51 AM

    We can't wait to see what you design! #TinkerTogether

    Keep an eye on the Tinkercad blog and our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) for more step-by-step guides, design challenges and other inspiration.

    In the meantime, please see our recent posts titled Hello Tinkercad Friends! Let’s #TinkerTogether and Parents Guide to Starting Kids in Tinkercad. They provide more information on some of Tinkercad’s useful features for parents, teachers, and students.