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    Creating a 3D Printed Geometric Planter With Drainage

    Donald Bell
    Published on - January 23, 2020 by Donald Bell



    Designing your first planter in Tinkercad is a right of passage. You can find hundreds of examples in our gallery

    But while they’re fun to design, most aren’t truly suitable as 3D printed planters. One issue is water leaking out of imperceptible gaps in your plastic. But the opposite problem can also be an issue -- inadequate drainage causing water to sit too long. Plants are so fussy!


    In her guide on Instructables, Tinkercad pro Becky Stern shows how to create a simple geometric planter design that pairs with its own matching drainage tray. What’s more, she offers a great tip on how to use spray-on concrete sealant to waterproof your designs for longer life. 

    You can explore Becky’s design below, or in the Tinkercad gallery, but we encourage you to try designing one for yourself, with your own unique spin on it. When you’re done, show us what you’ve made by sharing it on Twitter or Instagram!

    Tags: Inspiration