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    Cooking With 1DAY_1CAD: Korean Gimbap

    Donald Bell
    Published on - January 6, 2020 by Donald Bell


    There’s something about designing on an empty stomach that naturally leads to creating food in Tinkercad. Designer 1DAY_1CAD has posted dozens of delicious looking Tinkercad demos on YouTube. One of our favorites is this design of Korean gimbap -- a filled roll of rice and seaweed similar to sushi. 

    I always learn something from watching 1DAY_1CAD design in real-time. In this example, I thought it was fascinating to see the entire roll created, and then sliced up using hole shapes to create neat cross sections. These sections were then positioned at an angle and duplicated to create a restaurant-worthy presentation. Yum!

    You can find more of 1DAY_1CAD’s delicious designs on YouTube

    Have you designed food in Tinkercad? Pizza is a great place to start


    Tags: Inspiration