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    Codeblocks Designs Now In Tinkercad Gallery

    Donald Bell
    Published on - January 22, 2021 by Donald Bell



    Designing with Tinkercad’s Codeblocks editor is an easy way to create 3D models using blocks of code. Until now, however, there hasn't been an easy way to search or browse through the Codeblocks designs created by our growing community of tinkerers. Today, we're excited to announce that Codeblocks designs are now included in Tinkercad's gallery and search pages.

    Our design gallery is a popular destination for any designer looking for a little inspiration. We’re always fascinated to see what other people create with Tinkercad. Picking out a public design to copy and tinker with is also a great way to educate yourself on how other designers create their work.

    code_dnaDNA model by EfrenR

    This ability to go “under the hood” of a design is especially useful with our Codeblocks editor. Designing with code is immensely rewarding, but creating shapes from a procedural set of rules isn’t as intuitive as dragging a shape to a workplane. By having more examples at your fingertips we hope you'll feel more inspired to explore the potential of Codeblocks, and share your work with others.

    Codeblocks Search

    The addition of Codeblocks to the Tinkercad gallery also brings these same designs to our search results. By default, our Search page shows results for public designs created in Tinkercad’s 3D editor. A series of tabs next to the search box allows you to view results from our Circuits and Codeblocks editors, as well as results for Tinkercad user profiles.


    Contribute to the Codeblocks Gallery

    Because the Codeblocks section of the gallery is brand new, we’re currently light on public designs to include. By contributing your design you can help us showcase the awesome capabilities of Codeblocks. 

    All you have to do to get your Codeblocks creation included in Tinkercad’s gallery and search results is to mark your design as "public" using the properties menu of your design. Check out our separate post on all the different ways you can share your Codeblocks designs.

    properties copy

    An extra benefit of making your design public is that we'll assign it a URL that can be used to share your design directly with other people, or on social media (see image below).

    For example, the excellent DNA model shown earlier in this post was created by EfrenR, and you can check it out for yourself using this link

    linktoshare copy

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