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    Co-Teaching Comes to Tinkercad Classrooms

    Team Tinkercad
    Published on - July 8, 2021 by Team Tinkercad

    Teachers & Parents

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    Teaching is a team effort, and with Tinkercad Classrooms you can now invite your fellow educators or parent volunteers to review and modify student designs from a common dashboard. We call these team members co-teachers, and in this blog post you’ll learn all about inviting and collaborating with co-teachers within the Tinkercad Classrooms tool.

    What is Tinkercad Classrooms?

    If you’re new to the concept of Tinkercad Classrooms, it’s a free tool within Tinkercad available to all educators. It’s designed to simplify the sign-on process for students and provide educators with more control and visibility of student activity in Tinkercad.

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    To learn more about the benefits and uses of Tinkercad Classrooms, please read over our guide, Tinkercad Classrooms for Everyone. Otherwise, for the remainder of this post we’ll assume that you have some familiarity with using Tinkercad Classrooms.

    What is a Co-Teacher?

    When you create a class within Tinkercad Classrooms, you are forever considered the primary administrator for that class. This designation means that you alone have the capability of adding or deleting students from the class, changing Safe Mode restrictions, passwords, or changing the class code students use to sign in.

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    A co-teacher can be anyone you trust to review and modify student designs in your class, and moderate student activity in Tinkercad. They could be fellow teachers within your school, substitute teachers, computer science lab administrators, or parent helpers -- anyone 13 years or older who is able to sign-in with (or create) an individual Tinkercad account.

    How to Invite a Co-Teacher

    Inviting a co-teacher to your class is a snap. Within your Tinkercad Classrooms dashboard you’ll now see a tab labeled Co-teachers that you can select. Once you’re in this tab, click the Get Invite Link button and a link will be copied to your clipboard which you can paste into a message to your co-teacher.

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    When your co-teacher follows this link, they’ll be prompted to sign-in or create their Tinkercad account. Once signed-in, they'll see a co-teacher invitation (an example can be seen at the top of this page).

    If the invitation is accepted your co-teacher will be able to access their Tinkercad Classrooms dashboard using either the Classes link in the top navigation bar, or by clicking into their profile menu and selecting Classes.

    Teachers vs. Co-Teachers

    Your co-teachers are able to view and edit student designs in the same manner that you’re able to as the class owner. They can also view and moderate student actions listed in the Activity tab of the class dashboard.

    A total of 5 co-teachers can be added to a class at any given time. As the administrator of the class, you have the ability to withdraw invitations if you need to free up room for new co-teachers.

    As mentioned in the What is a Co-Teacher section above, teachers have several administrative tools that are withheld from co-teachers. Here’s an overview of those differences.

    Teachers can:

    • Add new students as Class Seats.
    • Edit the Seat nickname or child Autodesk account password.
    • Edit the students’ profile in their Class.
    • Changing Safe Mode restrictions on classes or individual students in the Class.
    • Reset the Class Code/link.
    • Add/Remove students to/from Class (if Account type student).
    • Delete students in their Class (Seat and under 13 Account types).
    • Remove moderation of students in their Class.
    • Suspend students in Class.
    • Add co-teachers to their Class.

    Both Teachers and Co-teachers can:

    • Access, edit, download students’ designs.
    • Monitor and edit student activity in their Class.
    • Delete students’ designs.

    Finding Help

    As our team continues to build and improve the features of Tinkercad Classrooms, we understand that you’ll have questions and suggestions. We’re always here to help and hear your great ideas.

    For a comprehensive reference to using Tinkercad Classrooms, be sure to visit our Knowledgebase FAQ. It's filled with helpful information and allows you to submit tickets for additional support.

    If you have a suggestion for how Tinkercad can better meet the needs of educators like you, let us know at

    The addition of co-teachers to Tinkercad Classrooms is a perfect example of a feature request that came directly from our educator community. Whether you're a fearless solo teacher or an undaunted team of co-teachers, we want your experience teaching with Tinkercad to be seamless, inspiring, and fun.

    -Team Tinkercad