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    Classroom Links Simplify Sign-On

    Donald Bell
    Published on - October 30, 2019 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents

    Our latest Tinkercad Classrooms feature gives teachers a new way to quickly get their students logged in and designing in Tinkercad. After its introduction, we heard from a number of educators that the unique, 12-digit codes generated for each classroom were simply too long to memorize. 

    As a response to this valuable feedback we’ve added a classroom link that can be copied and sent to students. By clicking this link, students can skip the tedious step of entering their class code. 

    The image above shows an example of the new class code page that teachers see once they’ve created their classroom in Tinkercad. Note the two buttons under the large green class code -- one to copy the code, and one to copy the link (underlined here in red). This same link is also visible in the Student Instructions section below the code (also underlined here in red).

    While the class code may still be useful for students to have handy, the unique class link is a real time-saver. We hope this change helps teachers more easily enroll and manage their students in Tinkercad.

    Improvements like this are only possible with your continued feedback, so please let us know your experience by reaching out to us on Twitter or Facebook. If something on our site seems broken, be sure to submit a request to our support team.