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    Blue Buggy Makes the Rounds

    Jeremy S. Cook
    Published on - March 11, 2021 by Jeremy S. Cook



    Rick Winscot, per his project writeup, was a little too young to drive gas powered dune buggies with his older brothers in the 1970s. While he’s now older and–reportedly–more responsible, these vehicles are no longer made. Vintage kits are available, but their price of $400 seemed too high. Instead, he decided to build his own 3D-printable mini dune buggy, aptly named the “Blue Buggy.”


    This little vehicle features a nice curving blue body, with a printed roll bar, windshield frame, lights, and exhausts. It’s 3D-printed wheels use silicone bands to create traction with the ground, fastened in place with adhesive. A linkage system and high-torque micro servo used for steering, and the back two wheels are driven by a pair of continuous rotation micro servos. An interactive Tinkercad model of the rig is found below for your perusal and modification.

    Actually controlling the Buggy is left largely up to the reader, though there’s space in the middle for a breadboard and other electronics. One could use a standard RC transmitter, receiver, and battery pack, or a microcontroller and sensors could allow it to roll around by itself. Other ideas might include a pair of LEDs for the light assemblies to make them functional, or even a speaker for buggy acceleration noises!

    Tags: Inspiration