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    Becky Stern - Shows What She Knows

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 21, 2021 by Donald Bell

    Inspiration, Tinkerstars


    Becky Stern is a maker, YouTuber, and a full-time Product Manager at Instructables. Before joining Instructables, Becky worked as a senior video producer for MAKE Magazine and as director of wearable electronics at Adafruit. We asked her to share one of her earliest designs and catch us up on what she's up to now.

    How It Started

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    I knew how to use Circuits before it was a part of Tinkercad, so coming to the 3D space was new to me when Circuits became part of Tinkercad.

    I wanted to create a glowing flower with the Glow circuit assembly. It's made with shape generators. On Instructables, you can find my tutorial for the project.

    How It's Going


    I made this planter in Tinkercad! It shows off that I learned some more precision control over my models. I needed a place for my succulent cuttings to grow during their medium phase, and this tiered planter is just the right size and shares water between compartments, making it easier to water.

    If you want to make your own, I have a guide on Instructables.

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    Why do you think Tinkercad is still going strong after 10 years?

    It's still just as simple to use and learn as it ever was, but ever-reliable and ever-improving to keep its spot at the top!

    Stay Inspired

    You can keep up with Becky's projects on Twitter and Instagram, as well as her YouTube channel and website.  

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