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    Introducing the Autodesk Innovator Kits for Classrooms!

    Team Tinkercad
    Published on - September 14, 2021 by Team Tinkercad

    Teachers & Parents

    Autodesk Innovator Kit-1

    At Autodesk, we see possibilities where others see roadblocks. To that end, Autodesk Tinkercad and Instructables is excited to team up and introduce the Innovator Kits for the next generation of daring innovators and bold doers.

    These great kits are designed to help students find an entry way into design and 3D literacy in the classroom. Check out the innovator kits in action on Instructables

    Each Autodesk Innovator Kit for Classrooms contains:

    • Notebook, Caliper, Pencil, Eraser, and Sticker Sheet in a Zipper Pouch

    Interested in getting them for your students?

    We'll be giving away Classroom Packs to 2 Educators in the Instructables Microbit Contest this Fall. Throughout the month of November, we're also running the "30 Days of Tinkercad Activities" challenge, a free contest for all U.S.-based educators.

    Each Classroom Pack is 1 teacher tote with 30 Innovator Kits inside. 

    Innovator Kit at work

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