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    Assign Tinkercad Designs with Google Classroom

    Donald Bell
    Published on - September 27, 2019 by Donald Bell

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    The best way to understand how something works is to pull it apart. We believe this method of learning and exploring explains some of the popularity of Tinkercad’s Gallery of user-contributed public designs. It is a huge resource of design ideas that anyone can copy into their collection, disassemble and remix. With our latest Google Classroom share button integration, it can now be a huge resource for teachers to quickly share out or assign any public Tinkercad 3D model or circuit design for their students to study. 



    Additionally, we’ve seen a number of users make great use of text objects to annotate their designs, and even walk users through different stages of their process. With just a little text, you can convey an entire design process in a single design.



    Anyone with a Google Classroom account can use this feature. You don’t need to be signed into Tinkercad with your Google account to use it. 

    If you’d like to share one of your own designs to students using this Google Classroom button, you must take the extra step of switching your design privacy from Private (the default setting) to Public. You can change this setting, along with many other attributes, by clicking the gear icon on any design in your collection. If your design is not publicly accessible, you will not see a Google Classroom button associated with it. (5)-1

    Important note:

    If you don't see a "Public" option for your design, it's likely that you've accidentally joined your own class and you're experiencing the limitations of the "safe mode" students are placed in by default. To fix this, check to see if you are listed in your own Classroom and toggle off the safe mode next to your name (see image below).


    We hope this is a useful tool for you and your students and we look forward to seeing how you put it to use. Whether it’s your new favorite thing or you have some constructive feedback, we’d love for you to reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.