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    Anouk Wipprecht - Fashion & Interaction

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 21, 2021 by Donald Bell

    Inspiration, Tinkerstars

    Portrait_AnoukWipprecht_HepSvadja_21Photo by Hep Svadja.

    Anouk Wipprecht is a Dutch fashion designer working at the intersection of fashion and technology. We asked her to share one of her earliest designs in Tinkercad and catch us up on what she's up to now.

    How It Started

    open source dress flyer 04 copy

    The 'Open Source Dress' (or #ParticleDress) it was a project from... I believe 2014 in where I challenged people to 3D print their own 'particle' (a base hexagon shape that fitted an Adafruit Neopixel ring), mix their own design over TinkerCAD, 3D print, and send it to me. The result was a dress created by dozens of people that was fully open-sourced!


    I made this while I was an Artist-In-Residence at Autodesk Pier 9, in 2014 which was a lot of fun. And I wanted to create an open-source project, in where there was not 1 designer creating a (3D-printed) dress, but instead: people all over the world could contribute. I was expecting some pieces back - but instead, hundreds of people reacted super interested, and for some it even inspired them to do more with 3D printing and 3D modeling - as that was the first time that they worked with that medium.

    I still receive emails of people that share their love and what they are up to now. It was a fun (and easy enough) project for many people to explore new ideas around 3D printing and / or open-source I think.

    How It's Going

    I made many things, from a 3D printed robotic Spider Dress that work on proximity sensors and attacks when someone comes too close, to a device with children with ADHD (a Unicorn Horn with EEG sensors and a tiny camera!) called 'Agent Unicorn'.

    MzMwMzE2Mw copy

    I've also made dresses with tentacles and facial recognition (#TentacleDress) for Cirque Du Soleil and dresses that read your mind using a brain-computer interface (Project Pangolin). I made prosthetic legs for Bionic Pop Artist Viktoria Modesta and even LEGO-Mindstorms wings that you can make yourself.

    It is really fun to combine fashion, robotics, sensors, 3D printing and everything else - I am really never bored.

    Why do you think Tinkercad is still going strong after 10 years?

    I think it's an easy way for kids and mature people to get into 3D modeling and 3D printing. Where other pieces of 3D software might have a steep learning-curve, TinkerCAD makes it pretty easy: you can start today and have your first thing in a digital environment this evening. Easy and effective!

    Stay Inspired

    You can learn more about Anouk on her blog, or follow her accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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