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    Allie Weber - Teen Innovator

    Donald Bell
    Published on - March 21, 2021 by Donald Bell

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    Allie Weber is a young inventor, a member of the MythBusters Jr. team, a YouTuber and a patent holder. We asked her to share one of her earliest designs and catch us up on what she's up to now.

    How It Started


    My first original 3d design I made in Tinkercad was a kind-of plaque for my uncle’s wedding. They had a fishing themed wedding so I made some little fish and put hearts and their names.

    I had actually learned 3D design on Autodesk Inventor before this but this was my first attempt trying out Tinkercad. I really liked the simplicity of Tinkercad and how intuitive and accessible the program was. This design looks fairly simple now - I just used the included shapes and the text feature in Tinkercad and put it together nicely. Even if some things are not lined up completely, Nikki and Chet enjoyed it very much and I was proud to have made it.

    How It's Going

    Fast forward a few years and now I'm even teaching a few Tinkercad 3D design and 3D printing workshops in elementary schools.

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    More recently I had a hand in designing some hooks and locks that can be attached to paracord to make mask lanyards. I started this project and classroom design challenge in 2020, due to the pandemic, when faced with the problem of never knowing where to store your mask when you are eating or blowing your nose at school. You might not have pockets, or don’t want to set it on a table because of germs.

    These little 3D printed parts hook onto the mask and allow you to wear it around your neck for comfort and safety. You can also 3D design an adjustable lock for the cord it would be attached to, so it can function as an ear saver or just adjust the size of the mask so it fits correctly.

    Also, thanks to the help of Tinkercad, the design for these hooks is now a part of Tinkercad’s connectors menu, so you can print your own to make a mask lanyard!

    Why do you think Tinkercad is still going strong after 10 years?

    The reason that I think Tinkercad has been going strong for over 10 years is because it is great for beginners and experts alike. It is very intuitive and simple to use, and best of all, it is free so that everyone can become an expert at 3D design. Having amazing tutorials and projects doesn’t hurt either. Overall, Tinkercad is a great way to learn 3D design and get into 3D printing!

    Get Inspired

    You can keep up with Allie's inventions on Twitter and Instagram, as well as her YouTube channel, Tech-nic-Allie Speaking.  

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