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    Add Rolling Wheels to your Tinkercad Designs

    Donald Bell
    Published on - April 26, 2020 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents, #tinkertogether


    If you've browsed through Tinkercad's Connectors menu then you know that it offers an assortment of shapes to help you connect and pose your design once it's 3D printed. Another use that is often overlooked is it's ability to make your designs spin and roll. 

    To help illustrate this capability, Tinkercad's Wayne Losey (a.k.a. BitsNBolts) details this four step process to creating wheels and hubs you can add to your designs. These connectors are optimized for 3D printing and tend to hold up better with more durable filaments like ABS and PETG than PLA (though PLA will work).

    Here's an example design that I printed out using white PLA for the body and black PETG for the wheels. 


    Notice how the wheel design looks like a single solid form, but is actually a hub nested within a ring (acting as a tire). This wheel design prints in place as a single print, ready to spin, with no assembly required.


    To get started, just head to the Connectors menu and create a wheel following the steps outlined above. Or, click on the design shown below and copy and tinker it into your own collection. 

    Here's another design by Wayne, showing the wheels as part of a toy car design. What else could you make with wheels? A bus? A big rig? A food truck? Give it a try!

    Keep an eye on the Tinkercad blog and our social media channels (TwitterFacebook) for more step-by-step guides, design challenges and other inspiration.

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