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    The ABCs of Making: B is for Baking

    Jessy Ratfink
    Published on - May 6, 2020 by Jessy Ratfink

    Inspiration, #tinkertogether

    Welcome to the second installment of the ABCs of Making! Today we're going to cover the most delicious way to learn new things: baking.

    Baking may be something you wouldn't really consider making, but it absolutely is! More of a science than an art, baking relies heavily on measuring and mixing ingredients properly and achieving the right chemical reactions.

    Baking is a great way to learn how to be more organized and clean while working, how to pay attention to details, and how to problem solve!

    Learn the Science of Baking FLZZSJGIXQG2MS6.LARGE

    If you're curious about what happens to the ingredients in a recipe while baking, try the free Science of Baking class over at Instructables!

    Longtime author wold630 will walk you through the common tools and ingredients used in baking. You'll learn what each ingredient does as well as how to make substitutions in recipes! Enroll today and learn on your own time.

    Try a New Recipe
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    Are you an experienced baker looking to try something new? Instructables has thousands of baking recipes written by authors all over the world. Check out the following categories for inspiration:

    Model Your Dream Dessert in Tinkercad

    Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 2.08.54 PM

    Not a fan of baking? Make it in Tinkercad! Have you been paying attention to our #TinkerTogether Design Challenges? 

    Our third week's theme was Dream Desserts. Have a look at some of the entries that came in or make your own digital dessert in Tinkercad!

    Whatever you make, we'd love to hear about it. Reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter - @instructables & @tinkercad - and show us!

    Keep an eye on the Tinkercad blog and our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) for more step-by-step guides, design challenges and other inspiration.

    In the meantime, please see our recent posts titled Hello Tinkercad Friends! Let’s #TinkerTogether and Parents Guide to Starting Kids in Tinkercad. They provide more information on some of Tinkercad’s useful features for parents, teachers, and students.