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    Tinkercad Rolls in to Innoskate 2019

    Donald Bell
    Published on - May 28, 2019 by Donald Bell


    This past weekend, members of the Tinkercad team participated in the annual Innoskate event at London’s Here East. The public event is intended to bring skateboarders and non-skate audiences together to appreciate that creativity, invention, and innovation are all around us and found in unexpected places.

    Tinkercad’s Innoskate table featured a skateboard (left) with trucks that have been optimized with generative design. Skate tools and custom embossed notebooks were also available.


    For our part, we showed off a special skateboard featuring elements that take advantage of generative design. Conceived with Autodesk software to maximize strength with a minimum of material, the design may point to an evolution of skateboard hardware.


    Computers and Autodesk Student Experts were also on hand to walk participants through customizing their own skateboard designs using Tinkercad. Skateboard themed embossing presses were used to emboss notebooks that participants could keep.

    It was a wild, beautiful, noisy day, with a great energy. We loved seeing people come through and making the connection between skateboarding, design, and engineering. A huge thanks to our Autodesk Student Experts and to everyone who visited the booth.


    Tags: Inspiration