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    Make It Real 2019 Honorable Mention Awards - Part 2

    Donald Bell
    Published on - April 2, 2019 by Donald Bell

    Teachers & Parents, Inspiration

    The Autodesk Make It Real challenge is a way for us to help cultivate and recognize the amazing learning happening through making. This Wednesday morning, we’ll announce the four Grand Prize winners of the Make It Real challenge. But first, we’re highlighting the many Honorable Mention award winners. We were so moved by the spirit showed by these schools and their students, that we simply had to recognize them and their efforts.

    Each of these Honorable Mention award winners will receive 10 Chromebook computers for their school to help continue sparking curiosity and creativity.

    This is the second of two posts listing the Honorable Mention award winners. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on the previously announced winners, and don’t miss tomorrow’s announcement of the four Grand Prize winning schools.

    Joseph P Tynan Elementary School
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Students at Joseph P Tynan Elementary School inspired us with their inclusive, student-centered outlook and their dreams of building a sensory wall in their school. We enjoyed their presentation style and focus on completing a project for the entire school to share.

    Mother Caroline Academy
    Dorchester, MA Massachusetts

    At Mother Caroline Academy, students role played in order to demonstrate how maker education benefits individual learning outcomes. We were impressed by their storytelling and filmmaking, and the unmistakable enthusiasm and spirit of cooperation they brought to their entry.

    Pittsburgh Langley K-8
    Pittsburgh, PA

    In this submission, making was demonstrated as a key component of addressing innovation opportunity gaps for Pittsburgh Langley students. The video does an admirable job showcasing the students, telling the larger story of the school, the region, and the community, and pointing out the value new technology would provide.

    Trenton High School
    Trenton, Ontario

    Catching a case of “Creativitis”, members of the Trenton High School community shared how making can have a big impact on students and teachers alike. Their video entry made great use of fun storytelling and engaging illustrations that captured our attention.

    Stay tuned!

    Congratulations to these winners! Check back tomorrow for a look at the four Grand Prize winners of the Autodesk Make It Real challenge.